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Decentralized platforms represent a Guttenberg-level shift in the IT field. Yet new technology comes with uncertainty. Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors provides mature insight in blockchain project management, enabling our clients to fulfill their innovative visions.

Our diverse team comes together under a mutual desire for a blockchain-fortified future. Veterans of our respective fields, each member intimately understands the coming ubiquity of this dawning industry.

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Strategic Marketing for Token Offerings

There is an art to marketing your ICO/STO successfully. Everyone has a solution and everyone wants your money. We are results driven. We will pivot with your project from day one through a successful raise and beyond. We have seen many spend a lot of money on a one size fits all marketing scheme and fail. Every project needs its own strategic marketing plan.

Blockchain Business Solutions

Do you have a great business plan? Does it make sense to utilize blockchain technology in your business? Does it economically make sense? Who is your competition? We start by asking the tough questions and assure your team has great answers. Creating a bullet proof plan ensures success for years to come.

Blockchain Technology Development

Finding the right team and choosing the right blockchain platform can be a daunting task. Our blockchain engineering team can deep dive into your project with you to find the solutions that are best for you. We provide oversight to teams around the world to provide exceptional development at manageable costs.

Some of Our Clients & Partners

Our Experts

We all discovered the blockchain from different backgrounds and have grown to see it’s potential within all fields

Randal Lee Pires


Sean Colopy

Founding Advisor

Michael Tidwell

Blockchain Advisor

Joshua Armah

Lead Programmer

Duane Osborn

Technical Advisor

Ty Young


Chris Carter

Business Development

Sunit Kulkarni

Security Advisor

Maximus Groves

Media and Marketing

Kalim Kalla


Lindsay Rudisill

Project Analyst

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